Late for your flight? Call in a bomb threat!

We had something similar here in the town i am from. We had a National Guardsman calling in a bomb threat every monday at the base morning so he wouldnt have to go into work until later. They caught him, and no he doesnt have to go to work at all!
It's hard to believe that even in the days after 9/11 that someone would get that idea, and all because he was going to miss his flight. When I was working the ticket counter, everyone would come up with the biggest excuses and basically act like children when they missed their flight. It was never THEIR fault. At my station, we left the ticket counter 20 mins prior to departure so we could go load and board. We would always get people saying that we left the counter too early, even had one guy call the customer care center and make a pretty big case against us. He was saying that he was at the counter at least 30 mins early, so we pulled the security tapes which showed the exact time (10 mins before boarding) and he stopped calling. People can be so dumb. People that call in bomb threats in order to make their flight should go to prison for a long long time.