Kittila Finland - North Pole


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Hi everyone,
We just got back from a trip to Kitilla Finland, way up north of the artic circle. I thought it was pretty neat to get that far north. The people were very friendly but all in all there was not much to do. I took more pics but many did not turn out well because I only had my iphone. Anyhow, hope you enjoy them.


Trip cash in USD.


Trip cash in Euros


More Euros...they give us WAY to much hard money to take along with us.


My trusty F/O on this trip enjoying some caviar prior to our arrival into the North Pole.


Kitilla Finlad...where our destination is. North of the artic circle. I believe the artic circle is at 66.66 N LAT.


Our F/A on this trip.



A picture view for us pilots.


A beautiful moon rise over the artic circle.


A few shots of the office.


PGT: As answered above the airplane is a Challenger 300. Pretty state of the art in the office section.

The company sends us with loads of cash since credit cards are still a new concept in Russia. Sometimes we have to pay for handling, fuel, hotels, etc. all in cash. In some places where we go they only take USD...other only Euros. So we are stuck lugging it all around.

As for taking my don't need to remove me. Just network your way up here and I'd be glad to see you. Right now it is slow, but remember. It is all cyclical. Anyhow, I am off to the airport once again...this time as a pax on Delta and am going to Los Angeles for days off! Take care everyone.