June 26 LGA

Table Two

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After coming into LGA on Friday around 4:30pm, we got swapped into a plane that needed a new front tire. So we sat and waited for a revenue flight from PHL to bring a tire for us. Well, this storm rolled in and wrecked shop.
I seem to rember looking at the metar around 6:30pm and seeing
+TSRA and winds 360/25G39. I tried going outside and the door knocked me back. Our flight was ground stopped, and we didn't get out until around 9:30pm. Anyways, pics!

The line for rwy 13 went all the way to the Delta gates!

Storm coming.

After the storm a beautiful sunset, my weather dork friends call these Mammatus clouds, haha.


I'm not a overly huge weather dork, but mammatus clouds are awesome! Thanks for the great pics.
Sweet pics!

Any hail at the airport? We got stuck in PVD and had 4 legs cancel....wondering how my car made out.