July 28th


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Just joined the site. I am attending the academy starting July 28th for Tracon training. Anybody else in the same boat? I read that the housing situation is pretty full, so I turned to craigslist to find a roommate. I am thinking maybe I should have tried here first. However, luckily I think I may have found a normal person that has a 3 Bedroom house where he is renting a room. I am prior military with 10 years of tower experience. I have a friend that is a prominent member of NATCA that told me to get everything regarding the $20,000 recruitment incentive in writing before going to the academy. It took a few weeks to get everything back, but I finally got it back approved. How many people have been screwed out of the recruitment incentive? Also, anybody know how the MGIB works and when you need to apply for it. Also, I have read it takes up to 3 months to approve the application and get the payments started. Anybody know if they pay back-pay for that and how the rate works?


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I have a school date of july 31st for tracon as well, I was in the airforce for 4 years and did tower and radar. I just got approved for the VRA bonus. Where are you going? Craigslist is the best way to go, I found a lady who has rented to FAA students in the past and it is much cheaper and not to mention in a much better area. Well good luck and maybe I'll see you around.