Jetblue orders 100 Embraer 190 Jets


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Whoa, I suppose this is good news in the professional pilot world! A good bit more jobs out there for folks. It's my understanding that these jets will be part of jetblue mainline.

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) — JetBlue Airways (JBLU) placed a $3 billion order with Brazil's Embraer for 100 regional jets as the low-cost carrier embarks on a growth strategy that involves challenging the country's largest carriers in midsize markets.
The strategy represents an evolution for JetBlue on two fronts. First, it means the carrier is abandoning its reliance on a single aircraft, the Airbus A320. It also appears that JetBlue is ready to compete with major airlines on short-haul trips.

David Neeleman, JetBlue's chief executive, said Tuesday's announcement makes the carrier "well-positioned to offer a better product to markets of all sizes across the U.S."

The contract, which makes JetBlue the launch customer for the new Embraer 190, could double in size if the carrier exercises an option to purchase an additional 100 jets from Embraer, the world's fourth largest commercial airplane manufacturer.

jB isn't an ALPA carrier, is it? Right now, I'm kinda wishing it were, just so they'd have to set mainline rates for those 90 seaters.
Yeah aloft, I believe Jetblue is non-unionized. I have no clue what the payscales for these new aircraft will be at jetblue. However, unionization may be imminently at hand with the amount of pilots they will be employing after this order and their Airbus order are filled.
Just an FYI - my mother works as a res agent at SWA. She's recently put in her two weeks, however. For a number of reasons but in part to new policeis regarding vacation time, etc. The word has come down from management that the company is going in a new direction - "more corporate."

The days of "we're all in LUV" are drawing to a close I think. Be prepared to see some fights coming out of SWA.
I think the only thing SWA would need to do to really maintain it's edge is add inflight entertainment. ATA did it, JetBlue did it. I dunno about everyone else, but I enjoy listening to the music selections or watching "That 70's Show" when flying ATA.

They just need to start getting RJ's equipped like that at Chicago Express now!!
Am I the only one who wonders where they are going to fly all these aircraft. That would be 100 Airbuses and 100 Embraers; that is a lot of airplanes.
Hey Ian they won't have all of these planes until 2010 when the entire order is complete.

By then I imagine the route map will be much greater... and that is if they indeed honor all of the orders.

I'm surprised they're breaking the "cardinal rule" of commonality among LCCs.... but Neeleman appears to be The Man of airline management so I won't question him.

Too much, that is
I imagine them connecting the dots between many of thier existing cities. I can also seeing them starting "focus cities" in places like ORD, BOS, or DFW. They could use those Embraer 190's to serve some of Florida's smaller markets from JFK, or start service to the midwest. Oh the possibilities!
Nah, I disagree that JB should have bought the A318. I think the A318 is too much of a niche aircraft. JB commented that the 717 was "too big". I'm disappointed to hear them say that about the 717 because it would have been an even bigger upset to Airbus had they gone with the 717. I would be dancing in the streets if that had happened!

I think the 190 is a good fit for them and I'm sure Airbus isn't happy about it either. Airbus is probably crying right now to their governments for more subsidies to deal with the "Embreaer threat". The other thing to remember is that the A318 has different engines than the A320's in JB's fleet. That throws the maintenance costs savings right out the window. I think JB also plans to pay the pilots of the 190 less (despite Embraer's insistance that the 190 is not a "regional jet") and that translates into savings as well. The economics of the 190 is almost identical per seat mile as the A320 so that gives JB some consistency as well.

My $.02
By the way, Delta's Reid said that they will be looking to buy 100 seat aircraft. I really hope to see the 717 fill this order but I think the 737-700 has a better chance given that DL flies the 738. The 736 should be killed, IMHO, as the economics of it are virtually identical the 737-700.

What say you Doug...keep the MD80 legacy alive by buying the 717? Maybe DL could be the launch customer for the 713???
i really hope DL chooses the 717 , that will enable to the 717 line to get the much needed life support it needs. I had the chance to fly one of Air Trans' birds and it was a great aircraft, i loved it! It is sad how it has been overlooked and not agressively pitched by Boeing, often being the bastard stepchild.
David and Dave fell in love with the E190 when they stepped on-board and went "... no middle-seats!"

True story. The aisle on the E190 is larger than the A320, the seats are HUGE, the TV screens will be receiving an upgrade (on ALL of our planes), not to mention XM radio, 36 channels of Direct TV (Live TV) entertainment etc. They're basically going to serve a more regional market. For a while, they're only going to be on the east coast, but in a few years some will make it out west.