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Thanks! Salsa Cutthroat with their carbon fork it comes with. Absolutely love this bike, most comfortable drop bar bike I've ever owned even though it's technically a 29'er mtb.
Drop bar bike geometry needed a major update. Call me crazy but I’d like to see a road bike with a dropper and a much longer wheelbase.

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The roads up around Meredith NH kinda suck for riding. Limited sight lines, lots of climbing /turns and no shoulder space/ extra width. (I.e if you’re climbing slow, the cars are waiting behind you or passing dangerously close).

Took a while because of CV-19 supply related issues, but got all 3 kids onto 24 and 26 in MTB’s... then went to find one for myself.

my options were $200 Huffy’s or $6,000+ race bikes. Happened across this Orbea for a good price and did t hesitate.


I’ve spent the last few weeks on the tractor running power to the Pub shed, and cleaning/clearing and re clearing the trail network behind our house. We live at the top of a huge granite ridge, so there’s some surprisingly difficult areas full of fractured granite slabs, drops and trees. Kinda sucks that it’s nearly the end of the season up here, but hope to make it a “thing” for the kids.

I coach for the kids Ski team / comp programs team, so I get really good pricing at highlands as well. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle.


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I pulled the trigger on another Black Sheep, a single speed steel 29er to cruise on and ride some easy flowy stuff around here with my kid.

Hope it comes soon. I'll post a pic when it does.