It's going to be crazy tomorrow........


You mean Shennanigans?!?!
Right now there is about 4-5inches of snow on the ground. A Thunderstorm just rolled through and it poured and everything is freezing as I type this!!! I just went to the store and got "necessities" (beer, Baileys and hot coco). This town is going to be shut down in the morning........

Let the craziness ensue! :panic:


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Yeah, you know it is bad when my students called ME tonight and cancelled for tomorrow morning.

Just a few phone calls I don't have to make and I get to bum around.


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The town won't be shut down. KC is used to ice storms. It will be sloppy in the morning though, but nothing like when we got 3 inches of ice a couple years ago.


You mean Shennanigans?!?!
The freezing line seems to be a little north here. says it's 36 and it's misting outside. I think we might avoid the ice tonight. The fog is rolling in THICK right now though.