Instrument rated!


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Finally got my instrument ticket!

The first ride a few weeks ago with the examiner, the gyro in the attitude indicator decided to grenade itself.

Was on the run-up pad about to takeoff and heard a rather loud noise for a second or two, then looked at the attitude indicator and it was vibrating a bit, more than normal, vaccum was good though. Examiner said lets takeoff anyway and see how it goes. At about 3,000 feet it completely tumbled and was spinning all over the place, I offered to fly the whole ride partial panel but he said we actually need the attitude indicator on the checkride. We got a good laugh out of it, and he said "I'd give ya a pink slip to fool your dad & instructor when we get down but I don't have any on me" :laff:

Anyways, went up this morning at 8 a.m. and flew an ILS, partial panel VOR circle to land, and a GPS LPV back into our home airport. I've been training in an AA-5B Tiger, equipped with dual ILS and a GNS 430 with WAAS, a very nice instrument platform.

All three approaches went very well, the only brain fart I had was on the missed after the ILS. I had put a little less than 1/3rd flaps down, when I went to go around I somehow forgot to pull the damn flaps up - we climbed out fine, good speed, climb rate - at about 1,500 AGL the examiner asked the question you hate to hear

"So how's it flying? Everything good?" I thought "yea, yea seems fine, performing well, radios set, etc." Then he says "how about those flaps?"
I replied with "ah, yes, it's about time ya caught that! Well, I was just checking to see how good of an examiner ya are!"

We both got a laugh out of it, he's a great guy, really enjoyed flying with him - we were both at ease the whole flight, very pleasant check-ride. :) I'll probably take all my other check-rides with him as well, going for the commercial next, have all the hours, just need the long day XC and the 5 hours of night with the takeoffs/landings. Looking forward to knocking that out and then getting my CFI. Have been having a blast so far.

- Rick
Congratulations Dont feel bad about the flaps. I had a DPE ask me about the gear once after takeoff...yeah I forgot to bring it up!:eek:
The instrument rating was the most satisfying rating that I got. Just remember, be safe and careful out there! There's *nothing* wrong with your personal minimums being higher than approach minimums. :)

Go forth and conquer the IFR system. :)
Thanks guys - certainly won't be doing any hard IFR any time soon - but will be fun to punch through a cloud layer/clouds while enroute.
Well done! I also went right into commercial and had to tell myself to look out the blanking window. :banghead:
Haha, yea it'll be nice to actually look outside while getting the commercial. I missed out on a lot of beautiful flying days when I was under the hood! :laff:
Congratulations! flying blind is, I think, the most difficult flying skill to master. The CFI, however is the hardest oral! ;)

Enjoy logging the actual now!