Instrument Checkride --- Done!


Piece of Trash
Well, I finally passed my IR checkride. Got to the airport at about 8 AM this morning after tossing and turning all night. I had a horrible DE for my PPL, and I think that had something to do with my nervousness. Oral went smoothly and didn't take long. Mostly was lost comms and flight planning, how to detect known icing from forecasts, what to do if I wind up in icing conditions, and going over my logbook with a fine toothed comb.
Flight portion was pretty hairy. Winds were out of the north at 12G25. Great day for a checkride.... Took off out of KORL and headed NW. Flew an invented DME arc to a holding fix, got the hold nailed on the first try (even with those pesky winds), which helped my confidence. Vectors for the LOC 27R at KSFB (I took a plane with no ADF on purpose). Then it started to fall apart. Turning base for the approach my gyros "failed," and by the time I hit the MAP, I was so tired from fighting the winds, I was one dot away from full deflection. Blew through my climb out altitude after that, and we started talking about when I could re-take those things. He asked if I wanted to continue or just head back. I chose continue and get as much done as I could. Vectors back around for the ILS 27R at SFB, and I had it nailed all the way to the DH. GS and localizer in the donut all the way down the pipe, and executed a perfect missed approach. Vectors for the VOR/DME 7 at KORL, and the wind was so bad even the DE had trouble holding the plane on altitude and course. ATC decided they hated me and extended my downwind AND vectored my through the final approach course. As we're coming inbound, the airport is in the process of getting turned around. Get in an arguement about one of the step down fixes with the DE. I was descending to 1300 for a mandatory altitude clearance (ORL is RIGHT under the approach pattern for MCO), and he was reading it as 1600. I stuck to my guns, and he noticed he was reading the plate wrong. Another perfect approach other than that. Ended with him taking the landing, and circling to land on runway 31. Taxied back for the "talk."
After doing so well on my last two approaches, he chalked my first one up to checkride jitters, hurrican winds, and a partial panel right off the bat. He asked what I would do if I had full scale deflection, and I said "Go missed." After that, he said based on how I answered his questions and flew the remainder of the checkride, he was passing me.

Basically, I got extremely lucky. I SHOULD be re-taking that LOC approach, so I am just glad to have it all behind me.
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