Info on Long Beach/L.A. locations


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Do any students have any comments on their training from the above locations? I am currently deciding between ATP, traditional FBO's, or a Florida academy. I wil probably start touring the schools after I finish up my job at the end of September.

My background:
28 years young
PPL, Instrument
250-300 hours (0 multi)
Have not flown for 3.5 years
I have the same flight times and ratings. I'm going to check out FS Academy in late July and then ATP LA (which is actually in Riverside) in early August. The Long Beach location does not have the Career pilot program which is what I would be doing. Riverside is about 50 mi east of LA from what I can gather. Check with "Socal" who posted on this board when he was training, I believe he trained there and was waiting to get back to instruct there. Flight Safety is my top choice, but ATP comes recommended by some local CFI's who went there and got all the ratings for the advertised price. I'll post any further after I visit. Good Luck
While I'm here, do you know what the traffic is like on Rt 60 heading out of LA. My wife has relatives in LA and I would be out in Riverside. It shows about 60 miles on the map, but I know in LA that can equal 3hrs driving time. Thanks.
traffic = terrible

This is route 60, I-210, I-10, I-405, I-5, and so on.

DO NOT plan to live outside of Riverside while attending training in Riverside.

We have one instructor that lives in Riverside with the occasional student at Van Nuys. He flies almost every time he needs to be in VNY. Housing is relatively cheap in the RAL area. Go elsewhere and everything is more expensive, except Perris Valley.

Good luck!
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It can be as much as 3 hours, sure, but that's highly unlikely and would warrant not only rush hour, but an accident or 7 as well.
(Though that does happen.)

On a good day, driving from downtown LA to Riverside would be.. Between 75 to 90 minutes.

I would plan on staying in the ATP apartments in Riverside, as that's included in the price anyway.

Who lives in Redlands, 30 minutes from RAL, but instructs in Vegas.