How many hours do you have?


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I saw this a couple of months ago. Everyone was informing te borad on how time they had. I figured we could everyones progress. To date, I am at 412 hrs TT. Oh, BTW, everyone I have landed my first CFI gig. Starts in July, I am really psyched about it. It is with my flight school.
I think I'm at something like 182ish total time. Probably 25 of that is in an Arrow, 120-140 in a 172 and the rest in Warrior's/152's. Building hour up on the commercial right now, doing the long solo cross country out to CMI this Friday (or my alternate if the weather craps out on me is Rochester, NY...or I69 (Sporty's pilot shop).....or Houghton Hancock airport......ahhhh.............I've got flight plans made in every direction. CMI is my first choice....and I'm sure sure why this is still in paranthesis...).


John herreshoff
I have a staggering 155. I have probably 120 in a C172, 20 in Seminoles and Turbo Seminoles, and another 15 in miscellaneous aircraft such as a TB9, Mooney, Arrow.
I have about 140 hours Total. 55 in a C-152 and the rest in 172's. should get some time in a 182 soon.
I am not only old I'm getting forgetful. I forgot to push the CONTINUE button on the preview!

I have 7984 hrs.
390.2 hours, the vast majority in C172, about 25 in Arrows, and the rest C150/C152/C182.

congrats on the CFI job!
230. Only 20 more to go!!!! Most of it is in C-172s, another 35 in a C-182, and the rest between Sierras, Katanas and Moonies.
0 also. By this time next year I hope to have all of 10 hours at least. Then the fun will begin. But until then, work, work, work, save, save, save...
A little over 600....the bulk of that time being Warrior (Private Cert.), Seminole (Multi and Inst.), Arrow (CFI/S.E. Com.), Baron, Katana DA20A1 (CFI job), C152/172 (CFI Job).
50 hrs... C-152 and i have PPL ..

I haven't freakin flown in 5 months!! 2 months left to Go !!! IT SUCKS I TELL YA .. IT FREAKIN SUCKS