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Hi im a student and looking for a flight bag, but there is just so many, so i need to know whats a good bag to get? ive checked at ebay and found an avcomm one for about $35, any help would be great. thanks
I have an AvComm one. I love it... small and manageable. I had a Sporty's one too, but it was just too big. I don't carry around a lot of crap. Just headset, charts, etc etc etc
I can advise against buying a Jeppesen bag. They are well marketed but very poorly supported. I had an Aviator bag that liked to lose the stitching after about 4 months. The rep I spoke to at Jeppesen told me to take it back to "the store" for a replacement, Jeppesen cannot help me. "The store" is a local FBO that bought half a dozen of them over a year ago and can't send it back to Jepp, so I was stuck.

I'm now using a Cencal and love it, much better made and the one problem I've had with it was happily taken care of by Cencal (the fiberboard bottom was bent).

I would suggest getting a bag large enough for all your stuff. I know some pilots who have a small bag overflowing, or just leave stuff at home hoping I bring it

Now I also fly with people who have bags large enough to sleep somewhere in the middle.
I have a large green Sporty's bag and a smaller black Jepp one. Both have compartments for headsets and transceivers. Since I don't use either, I'll sell them if anyone is interested.
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Do a search on this site and you will find how many of us have them. Thanks Aloft.