Gear Down... 3 Green! ;)


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Yep... it's official!

3 kiddos in the Moyer Clan! :)

I'd like to formally announce the birth of my newest daughter:

Keyley Ann Moyer

Born: April 1, 2009 (Yep, she actually was an April Fools Baby!)
Time: 6:11am
Weight: 7lbs 12oz.
Length: 19.5 inches
Wingspan: TBD ;)
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Blonde

The timing couldn't have been better! I had just finished a 4-day trip on the March 30th and was just starting 17 days off in a row.

Apologies to those who've e-mailed me or PM'd me on the forums this past week. I'm just starting to get back up to speed on everything now that we've gotten into a rhythm here in the house.

Juggling 3 kids is definately interesting... but our oldest is a very big help too. So we are finding creative ways to cope with the daily situations, and trying to find the easiest ways to deal with things when I go back to work.

Heidi is taking her FMLA for 3 months, followed by me doing a reduced line schedule for 3 months, followed yet again by me doing my FMLA for 3 months. This will actually allow me to spend the holidays at home! :)

In the meantime, I'm beefing my my monthly line value's and working full time lines for the first time since late last year. Only 12-13 days off a month??? What's up with that? ;)

Anyway... thanks for letting me share.

Proud Daddy of 3 beautiful girls!

PS: Saw the congrats thread down below... I tried to throw a spoiler into it at the end... but not many people took the bait. ;)


In between contractions... Heidi was a trooper to smile for the camera!

Less than two minutes after she was born... under the heat lamp while they were suctioning the fluid out of her lungs, I got to hold my daughters hand.

A few moments later... she's in Mommy's arms!

Later that day...

At home... asleep! We're lucky... all of our little ones slept well when they first came home. :)

Her first bath! I'm thinking she didn't really like it. :)

Mommy's clean little girl! :)


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'Grats. My parents always tell me I have to have at least 3, that way me and the missus are outnumbered.
Congrat. Capt. Bob. :rawk:Now, you are surrounded by women. ;)

On the sidenotes, if you need estragen-less environment, we should send in JC rescue team. :p
With all the comments about your BEAUTIFUL family, I am going to guess you had better watch these guys around your wife at the next meet and greet. :D

That said, I am going to echo their sentiments!

Congrats man. Good health!:nana2::nana2: