FYI Chicago Pepc week of March 23

I got people. Book it! March 23. Chicago pepc!

Did you hear by phone? The guy I had last week wasn't sure on the date.

Did you hear anything about NYC in Feb? I think it's getting too late for that one.

I wonder if Chicago will be split in half so that part of the week is terminal and part is enroute.
wait does that mean that the next PEPC is in Chicago and Chicago only? ooh dangit I hope I get the call I've always wanted to go out there!!
Has anyone heard if there is still going to be a Feb PEPC??? I am still hoping to go before the end of March!!!
I hope I get in on this PEPC. It isn't far from my house. Plus, it is perfect timing since I am getting married May 23rd, I won't have to push my class date back too far.
Please post copy of email and then forgive my disbelief.

-Unofficially selected for LA

He didn't get an email, he just knows because he says he knows someone on the inside. How did you know you got selected for LA??? I wanna know if I did too!!! :confused:
The week of Feb 23rd... NYC... confirmed.
The week of March 23rd...Chicago...confirmed.
The week of April 20th...Los Angeles...confirmed.