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I have heard that Canada tends to recruit a lot of US pilots since the work permit/ license conversion process is a lot easier. Any truth to this statement?
I highly doubt it not only do they have a different license (or so I believe) there are planty of Canadian pilots wanting to fly for them, so there is no need to look outside Canada.
Most Canadian pilots would kill to be able to get permission to work in the States. It is much more difficult to break into aviation in Canada. Lots of unemployed pilots...many of them with high time especially now since Canada 3000 went under. If your goal is too fly for the airlines, you'll get paid more and probably have a shorter road ahead of you in the States. But if you dream of being a bush pilot, then head north and you'll find some of the best bush flying in the world!
As brandon and Iain said, it's not easy at all. First you would need to convert your license, flight test and knowledge exam, if you are IFR rated you need to do redo the exams too.

As Brandon mentionned a lot of pilots would give their souls to be able to work in the states, up here finding a flying job is not as easy as in the US because of waht brandon mentionned.

But if you want we can trade places, get me a green card there and i'll get you a work permit here

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Amen!! to all the posts

But as far as i know flight training is a lot cheaper in Canada compared to USA...

The average cost for a CPL+IR+MER = C$25,000 i.e US$15,650

I donno wheter this is reasonable but for non us fellars like me this sounds good
From what I have heard the $ has dropped in Canada, and in New Zealand so you should be able to get some cheap training there right now (that is if my info is correct).
I'm paying around $33,000 for a ppl, night, multi, mifr, cpl, and instructor' rating. Most training done in 172Rs.

The canadian dollar is around $1.57 now, which means $1.57 canadian gets you $1 american. Our money may not be worth as much as the american dollar, but it at least looks a hell of a lot nicer!

you could get all your licenses cheapest i'd say mid $20,000 range, depending on where you go. I'd recommend maybe doing a PPL in canada, as it might be cheaper, and PPL canadian= PPL American. All you need is a stamp, no tests, nothing troublesome.
Hi! Chris

I checked out with a few canadian flight schools and it sounded too good to be true (the prices). thats y i mentioned $25,000 the actual figure indicated was $23,675/-

If i take all my ratings in Canada is it easy to transfer into USA ? What about the CFI CFII etc..?

Whats the difference between a IFR & MER and the MIFR?

I heard Canadian companies will not accept workpermits and they want either canada citizens or Landed immigrants ?True?

Im sorry if this is a lot of Qs but i'll be unavailable for the next 10-15 day due to exams !
An ordinary IFR rating does not allow you to fly a multi engine aircraft under IFR, even if you have a multi engine rating. You have to get a multi IFR rating by doing the flight test in a multi
engine a/c (and not a centerline thrust aircraft like the skymaster). In Canada it's a Group 1 instrument rating as opposed to a Group 4 which you get if you do the flight test in a single engine airplane.
For your other question I doubt that Canadian operators would hire a non-citizen/permanent resident as there are hundreds of unemployed Canadian pilots right now.

Just curious, what is MER?

Here's a thread that will interest you
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There's no CFI or CFII in Canada. It is Class IV, III, II and I instructor, Class IV being at the bottom of the scale and Class I being at the top.

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Hey Canuck Goose, I have had some trouble finding out requirements for advancing as a flight instructor. I think what I was told is it's three students to solo and successful flight test and you are a class 3? Is that how it works? Also, do you know what you need to be able to give instrument instruction (for IR not PPL)? Planning on getting my instructor rating when I move back to Canada beginning of next year.

Ey guys! I'm desperately seeking some advice. I am a foreign student and I want to go to Canada, for my flight training that is. I am not very well informed when it comes to flying in Canada so advice is just the thing I need right now. If there is anybody with some information on schools, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, how is the general cost of living, say, compared to the U.S.? Thanx 4 your time.......




Does anyone know where you would go to take the check-rides or write the exam in the U.S if you got your ratings in Canada?