Flight Safety Check Rides???


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How does FSI do there check rides for each rating?
I forgot to ask this question on the tour, but I heard through the grapevine
that they work like "stage checks" and when you pass each stage then you are given that rating. The school also does each of these checks and not the FAA???????
I could be all wrong about this.... so don't rip my head off....
FSI has "self examing" authority for it's 141 programs. Basically this means that FSI "Check airman" can administer the test for a rating. These check pilots do need to be certified with the FAA. (not just any instructor can do this)

The check ride is really no different than what you would take with a DE (FAA designated examiner) you still have to meet the PTS requirements.

Non final stage checks (check rides which do not result in a rating) are also given through out the course.