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Do most FBO's object to someone going in, and having a student rent a plane, while I give them a Flight Review? I have had a few offers from people who fly out of airports that I don't fly out of, wanting a Flight Review. I have heard that FBO's frown on this, because it takes business away from their CFI's.
I would highly recommend you clear it with the chief pilot at the FBO. The biggest reason is insurance. If you are not listed on the operators insurance you could have big problems, should something happen. I don't think you could claim that the other guy is the PC if you are there exercising your CFI priveledges. It may appear that you would be takeing away from the staff instructors opportunities, but if the pilot is a friend of yours I am sure the chief pilot will work with you. I've done this in the past with no problems, but I believe its worth the integrety of being up front with the chief pilot.
Yeah, check with the CP. Also, many places that rent require that you do your BFR's, etc. with a company instructor if you want to keep flying their airplanes.
There's two issues here. One, as mentioned, is taking business away from the FBO's CFIs.

The other is insurance related. Under many FBO policies, just as pilots need to be checked out before being permitted to fly solo, so do CFIs before being permitted to give instruction. In fact, some FBO policies require approved CFIs to be listed by name.

If this is the setup, if you jump into an FBO airplane and provide training and something happens, the insurance company would turn to the FBO and say, "Sorry you're not insured for this accident." You're leaving the FBO operator high and dry.