First Solo!!


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Hello Everyone,
Well I just got back from my first solo!! I now have 9.5 hours and .5 PIC! Is Delta hiring yet, Doug? It really feels great, especially because I now have total confidence that I CAN do it on my own, and now I am going to go full force ahead, no stopping!

I would just like to say thank you so much to Doug for putting this site together and to everyone here that gives advice for those aspiring pilots, like myself. It really is a gift and I can not thank you JCer's enough!


Nice Job!
Congratulations on completing one of the most unforgettable landmarks in learning how to fly.

Before you know it, your checkride will be upon you; then you have the freedom to travel amongst us going where you would like to go.

If I could offer one piece of advice (and some may disagree): Regarding going full-steam ahead, once you have your PPL don't get hung up on what's next . . . take the time to truly enjoy and appreciate your freedom.

Before I look ahead, I've been flying home to see my parents, flew my fiance to meet her parents for dinner, flew her to Balt. so she could see the city lit up at night . . . just try and take the time to enjoy it before and speed ahead and forget what you just did.

Enough with the advice . . . CONGRATS!!!

I had mine last Staurday. Only 9.5 hours huh? That's impressive! I had 17 when I soloed.

Good Job!
Iremember my first solo, I was scared out of my mind when I looked over and NOBODY was there, then I said well if I don't land this nobody else will. What a great feeling when you do it huh? Great going!!