FAA proposes plan for quieter planes


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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Aviation regulators petitioned U.S. aircraft manufacturers and airlines Monday to begin making quieter planes by 2006, but encouraged the industry to move more quickly on its own.

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed an updated standard for all new jets and some propeller planes to ensure use of the latest available noise-reduction technology that meets international guidelines.

The change, if adopted, would affect planes made after 2005 and require industry to reduce noise by 10 decibels.

The FAA said the standard does not affect the current fleet and there is no requirement on the books to make those planes quieter.

Congress would have to mandate a new standard for current aircraft, a step that would likely involve expensive engine or other retrofits and take years to accomplish.

"The FAA has no plan to impose such restrictions," the agency said in its proposal which sought industry comment through February.

Noise is a key concern of residents at many U.S. airports, including those living and working near Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport where only the quietest planes can fly during overnight hours.

Angry residents near Newark International Airport in New Jersey are pressing the FAA to make noise reduction a priority as the agency redesigns air traffic routes around New York and Philadelphia.

The FAA recently established a research group with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, other universities and aircraft companies to study how best to reduce aircraft noise and emissions.

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Here's an idea for you "angry residents" - grow up. The airports were there first. You live in a congested area (lots of people, little land) deal with the fact that a CITY will always be noisier than the COUNTRY.

And the FAA should be telling these people to go jump off a bridge. By mandating that aircraft should be quieter (not that being quieter in and of itself is a bad thing) the FAA is essentially validating these moron's complaints.
Eagle, have you heard anything about the expansion at TTN. When i left MCCC it was a hot topic, but I really haven't heard anything about it since I've been back in NJ. I hope P.L.A.N.E. (people limiting airport noise and expansion, aka idiots) didn't stop the airports growth.
Just curious.