FAA Flight Surgeons


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I recently called the District Flight Surgeon's office and asked about a medical condition that I have, which they said would definitely ground me. Will my AME find out about this phone call?
I think we need a little more information on the condition and the circumstances of the conversation.

Did you give your name and pilot number?

Did they say it was a permanent grounding, or did they just need to evaluate your condition?

How serious is the condition? Do you feel that you are safe to fly? They ussually don't issue a revocation for no reason.
If they have flagged your # for review, I would put it down on the Medical form.

There are a number of web resources (listed in this fourm from time to time) that can help you out, I would call AOPA First thing this morning. If you are not a member, Join this morning, then call their medical folks..