F/T CFI (P/T SIC) Needed - Augusta, GA

Colin Levy

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I am currently leaving my position as a flight instructor in Augusta, GA and we are looking to fill my spot ASAP. We are a part 61 flight school (as well as FBO, maintenance, and charter department). No minimum time requirement, nor do you need your CFII/MEI (though it is a plus). The flight instructor also has the opportunity to serve as a part time King Air First Officer. This is a great, tight knit, company, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to build their time instructing and gain some valuable turbine time as well. I am sad to be leaving this job after building a good student base, but hope we can find a good replacement.

Please PM if you are interested or want any additional details.

There is also a climbto350 listing for this job position posted on 1/26/2015 as well.