ERAU is under scruitiny, related to attacks


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ERAU is under investigation because apperently one of the hijackers was a student at ERAU. I only heard this on the TV news, and haven't seen any articles. There was also a Continental plane that was apperently seized by the FBI at the DAB airport for some reason, but I have no idea why. They also said that investigators were getting ready to search apartments and I guess dorms. That's all I heard.

Yes, ERAU is being looked at as it appears as at least one of the hijackers trained there. Also, per the NY Times today, two people and their homes were seized in Vero Beach and Flight Safety is apparantly now also a training location for one or more.

Obviously the schools, including Huffman in Venice, are not involved and I hope this won't hurt their reputations or business. It makes sense that the hijackers would train here since the rest of the planet doesn't have nearly the amount of general aviation that the US does.
Embry-Riddle has been cleared on being involved with the hijackings. The suspected hijacker alumni from DAB was actually found alive and well in Morocco.