Diversions due to Blizzard


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So whats the news on diversions? I checked a tracking site and it looked like Southwest sent some aircraft up to Bradley International. Maybe 737_Dude or anyone else could comment.
We're supposed to go to Bedford tomorrow and the company wants us to use Boston and Philly as alternates - anybody else see a problem with this plan????

You can forget about Philly. All three airports here in DC are closed at least until noon tomorrow with the exception of two international flights coming in to Dulles, and Philly is going to be in a similar state.
I'm going to say that BOS will close also. They'll be down to only 1 runway and it will be hard just keeping up with that.
It's getting really ugly out there. Before I left work dispatch was trying to decide if the west coast redeyes were gonna fly. If they don't fly the majority of this mornings originators will cancel as a result. Last I heard IAD still had 1 runway open.....I know dispatch was trying to get the terminators in so we could fly tomarrow. Best advice if your flying JBlu on tomarrow.......don't,our operations are going to be completely screwed,blued and tattooed by tomarrow evening!
BWI is completely shut down, nothing in, nothing out. The governor shut down the roads, so I couldn't even make it to work if I wanted. We canceled all of our flights last night. I don't see AA getting anything out of BWI until Tuesday at the very earliest.