Denver Area FBOs - Advice


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Hello all, I will be starting on my PPL soon and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about FBOs in the Denver area. I live pretty close to Jeffco airport but would be willing to make the trip down to Centennial if it is really worth it. Can anyone shed some light on the FBOs here?

Thanks, Tim

I flew down to Jeffco last weekend. I arrived Friday night, and played golf Saturday morning at the golf course next to the airport. There were about 15 planes in the pattern doing touch & goes pretty much the whole time I played, so I know there must be a couple of different schools there. I would just go over there and talk to the head instructors at each of the schools. Given the location, I think it would be great experience for you to learn there (or at least just get your PPL there). I'm heading to Accelerated this Spring for multi instrument...I'll let you know what I think about that school as well.
I kept my plane at Denver Air...maybe you can call them and see if they have a list of the schools down there for you to contact.
I gave you a flight school at Centenniel Airport in one of the earlier post. Again, it is Wings of Denver, at Centenniel Airport Jetcenter. I earned my PPL there and was satisfied. If you want an instructor recommendation send me a private message. Sorry, do not know anything about Jeffco.