Delta retires its last 727


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Just read some news that Delta has retired its last 727. The flight took place from Greensboro NC to Atlanta Ga. I believe the last flight took place on tuesday.

Really sad to see this bird go. Everytime I flew on any airlines I always tried to fly on 727 equipment. A beauitful airplane with a style all its own. Hopefully, the 727 will march on with US Cargo majors in the near future.

And Doug, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Delta the last major to use the 727? I know, United, American, TWA, Contnental, and NW have retired their remaining fleet of the 727's. Doug, you were lucky to have served on this great airplane.

BTW, this is my first post here, been lurking for awhile. Really enjoy this site Doug. Thanks for the site and all the useful info for us private pilots.
I had my last 727 ride last summer on a Delta flight from COS to CVG. Glad I got a chance to ride on it one last time. It was a beautiful flight too. I was able to see St. Louis from FL 350. It was a fast bird too... It's sad to see this bird go, though I must say I really like the NG 737s that Delta flies now.
Yeah I second that, I flew on an -800 from EWR to RSW back in March and I was impressed. Very clean and modern. And smoooooth. Nice glass cockpit too. Then again that was the first 737 I had ever flown on, most of the time I'm on AAirlines MD-80 series jets.

I bummed a ride home from GSO to FLL a couple of weeks ago on Delta and the GSO-ATL leg was on a 727!! Funny, I was thinking that it was probably my last chance ever to ride on a classic airliner like that. I guess I was right. Too bad that a Delta mainline pilot had the jumpseat, I would have loved to be able to ride up there. That must really be something, to fly an airplane like that without all of the glass-cockpit luxury and gadgets of the RJ.
I jumpseated (jumpsat?) on a DAL 727 from MLB to ATL a couple of months ago. I was surprised to look in the cockpit and see three guys since I couldn't tell what type it was from the gate. It was a nice ride.
I flew on a DAL 727 from MLB to ATL last year. I didn't see the plane from the gate so I was surprised to find three pilots in the cockpit!
The 727 was a fun jet. We operated it everywhere so in the same trip you could start in ATL, have a long LAS layover, get some coffee during a layover in SEA, pizza near ORD's "Magnificent Mile" an in one four day trip.

I even got a chance to fly a 727 once but it wasn't at Delta (nor was I employed at Delta) and that's all you're going to hear about that! Flies great, nice and smooth and a lot gentler on the controls than the "diesel truck with a flat tire" mad dog (MD-88).

Nothing beats two pilots and a flight engineer!

Here's a joke that's going to be as understandable as a slide rule joke:

"Hey, what do you call a flight engineer?"


"The guy who does the walk around between dead heads".

Aww, I KNEW I'd be the only one who got the joke!