Currently Down and Out - Need help with where to go with flying


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First time poster.
Thought this would be the place to ask.

Currently 25 yrs old. Have my CFI, working on my CFII. Haven't flow much this summer, due to no jobs in my state (MI or OH). I've tried to hit a lot of airports for a CFI job, but no one is hiring. My mentality is kind of in the gutters. I want to get hours in, and get out of this ditch that I seem to be idel in. I know I am not making any progress with my current day job, behind a desk. I need to be out getting hours, and I fear with winter coming up, if a CFI job does open up, the amount of flying I will get in will be limited due to the weather.

I am just kind of lost right now on where I should go. Goal - Airline Pilot. Love flying. Just mentally down due to not a lot of jobs in my area, and I don't want to keep passing by valueable flying time.

I don't know if I should keep trying to find something that pays low, but gets me hours...and maybe go for ATC training and have that on the side while the airlines business is still low. That way I will have a steady career, but be flying also, and when the airline business picks up again, I can continue on with that.

Anyone else out there in a similar position, or have their moral down right now?
Please chip in, need to positive support.



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Well, I'm not down right now, but I was a while ago.

I started as a student here in Cleveland in August of last year. Between the weather, my medical being deferred to the FAA, and two instructors bailing on me, I was pretty down. Add working a job I hate to all that, and you can see I was not in a good place.

Funny thing about it is things have worked out for the best. The FAA is getting close on a decision on my medical, I've got a great instructor who's going to be around for a while, and the weather is finally cooporating.

Have faith man. Things will get better. I'm sure you've tried them already, but I fly with AirSports Aviation out of Burke Lakefront. I don't know how much hiring they're doing right now, but I know that they're busy. My instructor is booked solid today, and so are a couple of the other instructors.

One thought might be just to get on with an FBO as a lineman or something. At least it would get you out to the airport, and maybe you'd end up with some chances to get in the air.

Good luck.



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Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I'm 27 years old working a full time desk job and CFIing part time. I'm lucky to be in a location where there is a high demand for flight training. If moving is a possibility, I would look at the east coast. I've heard there are more CFI openings on the east coast currently.
Anyway, if you are having trouble finding students where you are I would make a couple hundred fliers, go door to door in middle to upper class neighborhoods and hand them out. I think if you get out there and start advertising, you'll find clients. If you havent already, go to and call every flight school and FBO you can. If they aren't hiring, ask them if they know someone that possibly is.
Don't get down. Do what you need to do to get hours (ie. students). Knock door to door if you have to.
Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes...


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I'm in the same boat also.

25 years old also, CFI. I'm working on my CFI-I now, because a few places in Michigan told me they are hiring in the fall, and I will be more marketable ifyou will if I have my CFI-I.
It's tough, trust me. I wake up morning after morning, go into my day job, and I am overall not happy. I would rather be out flying. But due to bills, I can't just rent a plane 4 times a week and build hours that way. Keep the chin up. Hearing from others (like the other posters) will help assure you, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE IN THIS SITUATION!

Remember that! It will help morale


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I think a lot of us are in this situation. I couldnt find a job at any local FBO either as a CFI so what I did was kept my normal job as a Radio Manager and did private instructing by myself. I have found that if I keep my word out to people and post signs around the airport it helps. I starty very low on prices per hour which FBO's cant come down to, so I usually win out jobs and really I would do it for free just to build the hours. I luckily had some extra time but usually only made in about 5-30 hours (very ranged) or so per month. Now I have screeched instructing to a hault because of a new location and new job. Still need another 300-400 hours before I will be considereed though so if you want to get in the flight deck fast this isnt the way to go.


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Hang in there, something will come along. I ended up having to move myself 1100 miles to a state that I had never even been to to get a job instructing. Its not my idea of a good place to work for, but I'm building hours, the pay isn't bad (and as I was writing this, I just found out I got a raise), and the planes are in good shape. If you're willing and able to move, there are jobs out there...but moving is expensive, and really sucks (especially if you have to do it by yourself). Good luck!