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Just out of curiousity...

I know Air France stopped using the Concorde today... and that British Airways will be using their Concorde planes until October...

but does anyone know if these flights have been full lately or if they offer ID-90's or other discounts for travel industry workers?

one of my long time goals was to be able to take a flight on the concorde - just so i can see more of our planet without having to be an astronaut! how kewl that would be to put a concorde flight on my "done" list...

but if anyone has any info on discounts or status - let me know!! We'll swap travel secrets!
I am not sure when BA will stop scheduled service, however I believe there will be quite a lot of charters and less scheudled towards the end (Oct 2003). The charters will probably be for people just like you; wanting to ride on the concorde. I doubt your passes will work as travel companies organize these and sell the seats, not the airlines. My Grandma did a flight like this (took off out of London flew over the Atlantic, went supersonic landed in Paris and took a bus (320) home) and it was not too expensive $600. As far as scheduled flights BA did have a special crossing the pond for a couple k, however I believe that promotional fare is over. I am quite sure these flights are full. Your best bet would be to ID90 it to London and take a chater flight. I am not sure who operates these flights, however do look into it as it might be the answer to your flight on the Concorde.
Hello Kristie,

In the past, one of the Concordes would make an appearance at the annual EAA Oshkosh airshow. I believe they offered 1+ hour round robin flights. I'm not sure that they ever broke Mach though. With this being their last year of operation, I'd think that if enough people expressed interest, the EAA would try to get one last visit by a Concorde.

Good Luck!


Mrs. Mr.T (I pitty da foo?) this is a bit dated so it may not apply anymore. A friend that worked Delta Res. was able to ride on BA's Concorde for something like $600. He actually went on the flight right after the Air France accident back in 2000. In part of the video you see another passenger reading a magazine about the accident with a big picture of the Concorde in flames. Kinda morbid, eh.

It looked like a very cool trip. 60k feet, mach 2, sky begins to look black, plus all the free champagne you can handle. I think they also give out a little gift on each flight. $600 is a lot to my poor ace, but when you consider the ticket should have cost $5,600...
WOW... I'd heard that the concorde flights were around 10 grand roundtrip.... You figure 10% yield for a buddy pass and looking at 1 grand vs 10 grand is pretty darn good!!

I'll have to probably call the pass bureau to see what they say i guess...

thanks for the info guys!!

My Dad and I did it MANY years ago when I was probably 12 years old. He was a pilot (as a hobby anyway) and it had been a dream of his as well. It was part of a package that my dad purchased for the family to go to London. After purchasing the package, which included round trip flights economy class on British Airways, you could upgrade any leg of a single ticket for $1200 one way. Basically my Dad and I did it for $2400 bucks back from the UK and sent my sister and mom back economy class on a 747. I know it sounds cruel! Pretty cool to leave 2 hours behind them and then wait for a few hours at Dulles for them to arrive! It's quite an the time they used to let all passengers take a look in the cockpit and meet the pilots in flight! I have no idea if they do that anymore but would doubt it. So my best advice is to go through a travel agent who often find out about charter flights and such which will be significantly cheeper than purchasing a ticket out right...of course if they offer any discounts to Doug because he works for Delta that would be any better!