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I have been having lower left abdomen discomfort for several months. I went to a GI doctor, had a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis, everything normal except for moderate constipation and pattern of gas. Not sure if that was the exact wording on the report. Doctor wants to do a colonoscopy to be sure nothing else is wrong but suspects IBS.

If I have a colonoscopy, what type of anesthesia is used and how much time after the procedure before I can fly? Do I need to report this immediately to AME or can I wait until next medical?
I just had this done on Tuesday. I was fully sedated. Best sleep I ever had. The worst part is the day before. No food allowed, just clear liquids. If thats not bad enough, you'll drink so much laxative you'll wish you'll never poop again. Its not fun, but the procedure itself is a walk in the park. I was relaxed the whole time and when they put you to God is it great.

I've been diagnosed with IBS. Pray its nothing serious first, than pray you don't have IBS. Its a unknown problem with a healthy digestive system, to which there is no cure and the treatments suck. I hate my life right now...especially because mine recently got so bad, I had to take medical leave from my job.
Most likely you will be out even with conscious sedation. You want to be out! Do the osmo (sp) prep (pills) don't drink the 1 gallon of the nasty water mix.
I've had it done and it isn't that bad. They give you some stuff in the IV that makes you not give a crap (no pun intended) and you fall asleep for great nap. Before you know it you will be waking up in recovering.

If they let you, do the quick prep. Drinking a gallon of Go lightly stinks as the stuff is hard to choke down. If you have to drink the gallon jug get the stuff as cold as possible to make it more bearable.

Good Luck.