"Climb via" phraseology effective 15 August 2012

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This might be important for those who do RNAV SIDs, and of general interest to the rest of us using the NAS. Effective August 15, 2012, FAA ATC will start using "CLIMB VIA" in the same manner that they use "DESCEND VIA" (e.g. "CLIMB VIA THE (____) DEPARTURE"). Compliance with published restrictions is (naturally) expected, and the pilot is expected to maneuver as required to comply.

As with any RNAV departure or arrival procedure, make sure that you have the correct runway, transitions, waypoints, and so on...

For more information, consult your airline's Flight Operations bulletins, or the FAA here, or watch the video here.

Fly safe.

Edit: In the interest of making it so that you may be as lazy as is possible, if you are issued a CLIMB VIA or DESCEND VIA clearance, you must now include this in your initial callup to departure/approach, e.g.—"Regional Departure, BrandX Flight thirty seven thirty four, one thousand, two hundred, climbing via the SOMEWHERE FOUR departure to one zero thousand."


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Ha. Haha. Hahahaha! The FAA REALLY thinks controllers are going to use a climb via instruction? I bet they think controllers will let airplanes fly the route as well. Yeah right!


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The only place I have seen any climb via rnav SIDS is in CVG and they always give you a turn and climb and no climb via.

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Just got this from NBAA.

"All –

The FAA has made a last minute determination to cancel Notice JO 7110.584 “Climb Via” and “Descend Via” Procedures and Phraseology and Notice JO 7110.585 Speed Adjustment, due to concerns over adequacy of pilot and controller briefing material. This means implementation tomorrow will not occur tomorrow, Aug 15. FAA will determine a revised implementation date and advise industry when that is known."

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More info from NBAA

"In the rush to get the word out this morning on FAA’s last minute determination to stop implementation of Climb Via procedures that were to go into effect tomorrow, I posted verbatim wording from the FAA email to us on Air Mail. That verbatim wording would lead you to believe that Descend Via procedures were also being stopped. That is not the case and Descend Via procedures will remain in place. The confusion lies in the fact that the FAA Order that was to go in effect tomorrow, and is now being cancelled, has both “Climb Via” and “Descend Via” in its title. Again, Climb Via will not go into effect tomorrow and Descend Via procedures are NOT affected and remain as they have for awhile. In addition, the Phraseology and Notice JO 7110.585 Speed Adjustment changes that were to go into effect tomorrow are postponed as well until the FAA can determine how it wants to go forward with implementation of Climb Via and Speed Adjustment phraseology changes"