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Does anyone have any idea how long the wait is? I know it's in the 70 person range, but in terms of calendar months, I have no clue. I've heard all types of wild estimates, but no educated guesses. PM me if you don't wanna speak in public.



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You're right, educated guess is just it. No one will be able to give you a solid number. If you figure 10 per stan class, one stan class per month, then you get 7 months. But if more instructors leave, more stan class dates and vice-versa. A lot of variables make it hard to even get an educated guess. I start the CFI interview process this week and am looking forward to making it on that list.

The problem as I see it is FSA is using training contracts to keep their CFIs for 800 hours minimum. This was fine back when the CFIs had 5 students each because the hours were easy to achieve. Now however, anyone starting off with 1 or 2 students will be CFIing a long time before they have the option of leaving without breaking the contract. Despite the gloom and doom, there are CFI jobs out there. Thats where all the FSA CFIs go to work while they wait for a callback. Sure they might not be building the multi, but the single time is surely greater than FSA now. 70 people on a waiting list with 0 of the 800 hours done will not equal 7 months by any stretch of the imagination. Even if a few don't come back, I think a minimum of 1.5 years....IMHO
My educated guess is 8-12 months. I say this based on the fact that a three IP's were hired this past week and will be leaving for IOE training shortly. Also, SP enrollment appears to be increasing and given that the Iraq/North Korea situations don't effect us too much, the economy will probably begin its recovery which will also increase enrollment and airline hiring.