Careers in Avionics?


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Does anyone have any experiance or knowlage in the Feild of Avionics? If so can you give me some info on pay, working conditions, oppertunities. Thank you
Embry-Riddle has an avionics engineering tech program that I almost did a few years ago (1995). The classes looked interesting. I didn't do it because I wanted a 4-year degree. Not sure about pay rates. As far as opportunity, I think there is a lot. There is a Lockheed refit facility here that hires lots of avionics techs, and I hear the pay is decent.
yea sure.. you can have a Wonderful Career working with Avionics and other types of Aircraft equipment while serving your country in the U.S NAVY.
.. Just call your local US Navy Representitive and he'll steer you in the right direction to a rewarding career in the Navy

P.s. remember it's not just a Job... it's an adventure
And there's always a dance partner aboard ship thanks to the USMC!

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Just call your local US Navy Representative and he'll steer you in the right direction to a rewarding career in the Navy

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My father in law was an avionics engineer in Denver. I think he was making somewhere around $65,000/year after working with the company for about 15 years. It seemed that he had more or less a 9-5 type schedule except for an occasional late evening or weekend. He also had to travel quite a bit (if the avionics don't work the plane can't come to him). He was working for Bombardier(sp?) but after 9-11 they shut down the entire Denver office and he was laid off. He was out of work for almost a year. He is now working as a certification engineer in Tucson. He's making a little less than he was but the cost of living is quite a bit lower in Tucson. Haven't spoken with him about the working conditions but I immagine they are about the same.
I've been in avionics for the last 10 years. Yes I was in the Navy, then got out after 7, got my A&amp;P and the FCC, then went to work for SkyWest for 4 months until I had to move for family reasons. I worked for BFGoodrich Airframe Services Division in Everett, WA as an installer on 777's. I loved that job, but contracts started to run out for the company 3 months before 9/11, so I did what I had to do to support my Family and went back into the Navy. They have allpayed me roughly the same rcently after my experience was up. As an E-6 with full benies that the Navy has I make around 40K. I made 16.50 @ SkyWest and 18.35 @ BFG with a lot of mando overtime
. The jobs are definitely there. But, as it goes, there is a price with experience. I am really just an over-paid babysitter now who gets treated like dirt-sorry Navy guys. I really love working on airplanes and even building my own, but in 2 years I am going to take the plunge and become a commercial pilot-already have a private. Hope this helps you-Jerry