Bah, PHX folk ...


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Mavmb1, glisse and I had a good time at Jilly's tonight. Talked a lot of BS. Had some decent food. Stared at waitresses. Hell, glisse just got into town this afternoon and has his first day of training tomorrow (Monday) morning and he still showed - that's dedication!

We were there - where were YOU!?

I'm sure attendance will be better next time ...


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Re: Bah, you\'re all losers ...

Give me the time, place and a plane ticket and I'll be there!


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Re: Bah, you\'re all losers ...

Yep, everybody just too cool for us evidently! Too cool for us! Where were all the other pilots on here from Phoenix? Keep Hope Alive, Pan Am pilot, Joe Blow to name a few. I dunno, maybe if it were Hooters they would have come.

And were the Taylors too? Maybe Doug's afraid of his stalkers and having a cult following!
I dunno, but that was a bad turnout. We had fun though, and like Pilot602 said, you guys misss some very professional (hot) waitresses!

Well we'll do it again sometime. Hopefully, next time some of you other computer geeks will stop hiding behind your computers and come out of the work!


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Re: Bah, you\'re all losers ...

Out of town, sorry! But the next time for sure. Maybe I'll bring a door prize for a lucky attendee or something!


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Re: Bah, you\'re all losers ...

Door prizes that would be cool! Maybe even a round of beer too!