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I got an ad in the mail about a week ago from Aviation Ground Schools, http://www.aviationtestprep.com/Default.aspx for an instrument test prep seminar coming to my area in about three weeks. The price is steep at $395, but I looked at their site and I thought it might be beneficial to attend. Has anyone ever been to one of their seminars? If you have, was it worth it or a total rip?

Thanks everyone!


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I knew one of the instructors for a similar weekend ground school session but I don't think it was as expensive. I have to say that I think you can get the same results if you buy the prep book or get the dvd. At least those can stay with you for future reference. Other than some personal stories or experiences, the instructors is just going to go over the same material that you can access for free on the faa website. to have someone make a powerpoint and present it for two days just seems outlandish to me. I studied my books and came up with a few topics that needed explaining, then just asked my CFI to go over them. All it took was 1 hour of ground.

I wonder how much $$ the instructor's walk away with from this place, and where to sign up.


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If what you're wanting to do is prepare for the knowledge test, get yourself one of the Gleim written test prep books and study it. All the questions that could be on the written are right there along with explanations on why the wrong answers are wrong. There's also a short primer in the beginning of each section that covers the material the questions in that chapter relate to. Spend a little time with it and there's no reason you shouldn't ace the written. That said, by paying the big bucks and going to the seminar, you'd probably walk away with a broader understanding of the material.


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Yea, that's what I figured. I was just wondering what the opinion was for the seminar, and if anyone had gone. I'm going to just hit the Gleim book and CD's like I've done before. Besides, I'm way too cheap to spend $395 for something I could do myself.