ATP SAC is legit


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SAC is sick if u like mario kart 64 come here and learn how to powerslide like the pros

k rogers is here too if you guys know about the legend as well as t-kerr knockout king



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ATP SAC is hella legit. The CFIs are knowledgable, the students are all straight-shooters and our office manager goes above and beyond to assist where needed.

People always write us off, calling us "slackers" and knocking our facility, but at the end of the day, we crank out good pilots and no one can knock that.

Oh yeah, and we have a good time here in SAC.



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if rick is still instructing in sac then that place is the furthest from legit. :) does he still wear his ruffled shirts? all kidding aside went to cfi school with him and the dude knows his stuff.