ATP and airline indoc


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hey guys,
I am debating between ATA and ATP. Leaning towards ATP because its a lot more affordable and you build most of your hours in a multi.

But here is the question. How well does ATP's ACPP prepare you for airline ground school. From what I hear the airline's indoctrination class is pretty intense. ATA tells me they teach it in their cirriculum so that when you are hired by the airline, the indoc is easier because they've already put you thru a similar class.

So if any of ATP's graduates or intructor can tell me how confient they feel or lack of about going into airline training, it would be appreciated

Don't know too much about the airlines indoc classes, but I'll dispence with my usual $0.02..

An instructor here from Riverside, who got hired by Shuttle America and started their ground school a few weeks ago called just the other day, telling us he had passed the first portion of their ground school.
I don't know every instructor in ATP, but I still haven't heard of anyone having to drop out of groundschool because they couldn't keep up.

Also keep in mind that you have to be good at self-motivation and studying to go through the ACP program. There's a lot of studying to be done, and you instructor won't do it for you.
Which, from the sound of it, isn't too unlike the indoc classes.

My extra .02 on top of what Helge said:

If you go to may take the Airline interview course once you get your cfi...but you may still have a couple months/years before you build sufficient hours to get hired. And by that're liable to have forgotten stuff you learned in that part of the course. That is unless ATA gives you that course when you've got 800-1000 hrs.

Hey SigAV8R, been pouring through the ATP forum and can't find your field reports on how the program is going anywhere....
ATA is different in the sense that their students do get cfi ratings. They say you finish with like 700 hours. 300 of those hours come from and unpaid internship with a part 135 carrier. But the discussion in the ATA board has people saying that its not loggable or something.