ATC Medical Certificate


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I really want to become an Air Traffic Controller but I still need to get the medical certificate to even begin the process. I am wondering what medical certificate is needed to become an ATC, and ALSO where can I get this done at? I dont know of anyone in my area who does these, do you know of a way I can search a Doctor who does these in my area? I have my 3rd class medical certificate, however, the Doctor that did that only does 3rd class certs. from my understanding. And last; what are the basic requirements needed to pass this 'exam' (other than being drug free etc.)

-Thank you!!!!
Unless you need to renew your current medical for flying, the FAA coordinates all ATC medicals, and only after you have been selected for a facility. There are two processes you can go through, a Pre-Employment Processing Center (PEPC) where they do the medical and all of the other psych and security screening in one day, or you can go the old fashioned route where they give you the information on whom to call and you get everything done at your own leisure.

Just to clarify, there is no specific ATC medical that you can obtain beforehand. The FAA MUST make the request and will send the appropriate paperwork to an AME if you get that far in the process.
I was under the impression I could take this before the process began, thats what MCTC ATC School in Minneapolis told me...