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Just curious how many of you fly for an airline that uses AQP. I was talking to a couple of other pilots about it, and was wondering if it's well-liked. Is it a two or three day training event (similar to a LOFT) complete with emergencies, abnormals, etc.? Also, does it take place every six months, or one year?
I have worked for three airlines without AQP and one with it. I like AQP a lot compared to the alternative. And, every airline is different in how their AQP works.
We're visiting going to AQP, we're a wholly owned and our parent company uses it and we've analyzed it very carefully. There is a proposed change to the regs that would mirror AQP very closely, making it beneficial to go to AQP. Carriers have until May to look at the proposal and suggest any input, then when/if the changes go into effect they have 5 years to comply with the changes.

Something I found interesting in the changes was the requirement for CA's and FO's to come in for recurrent training every 9 months, also line checks will go to every 24 months but would be on a round trip so you see each pilot in a PM/PF role.
AQP at OH. Those who were around b4 it came on really like it. It happened to be every 9 months but they recently changed it to 12 mos.