Anyone heard about Spartan School.


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I would like to know if anyone has heard about Spartan school of aeronautics in Tulsa OK. If so do you know if it is a good school or not.
I was wondering how the facilities were there and if the instructors were real good. Basically if you like it and think it is a good school to go to?
well, first of all, let me apologize for it taking so long to get back to you - you know how busy holidays can get! to me, spartan is a great school. the facilities are pretty standard, however, the classrooms on the flight campus are all in the process of having a new multimedia teaching aid installed. it seems to be a pretty nice advancement.

as far as the instructors go, i only have a few things to say. most of them are awesome. that goes for the ground and flight instructors. they are knowledgeable. they are helpful. and probably the thing i like the most is that if they can't answer something for you, they'll find someone who can. don't get me wrong - they aren't all exemplary people, but the majority of the ones that i have had contact with have been everything that i had expected out of a top-notch school like spartan.

the fleet is composed mainly of cessna 152's and 172's. their are four 172rg's (retractable gear) and a piper seminole for multi-engine training. the maintenance crew is the best! there are about 8 or 9 mechanics and several of them have an "inspection authorization" ticket to go along with their a&p's. these planes are definitely the best-maintained aircraft on our field.

speaking of the field, we fly out of riverside/jones airport (rvs) in tulsa. it is class d airspace with a control tower. the majority of the aircraft that fly in and out of the field are students. it can be pretty hectic - in fact, this airport is in the top 3-5 class d airports in the nation in volume for traffic. you will definitely learn how to talk on the radio!!

sorry if this got a little long, but i guess i'm just in the mood to share any more questions? don't hesitate!!!

Hi, I was windering if anyone knows about Spartans Degree program? I would especially like to know about their degree's that would help a pilot.
Thanks a lot.
Yes they have a BS degree in Aeronautical science, is which you would praobly want. They do not have any other 4 year degrees besides that one.
I'm not sure why it was not in there because when I talked to the man from there he told me they had one. That doesnt make to much sense.
Thanks for the information. But in the infromation pack I recieved I didnt see any information concerning their Bachelor's Program or any mention of the Aeronautical science degree.
Thanks for the information, but I was wondering about the quality about Spartans degree considering it is a relatively new addition to their curriculum. Any information about this?