ANR kits for David Clark headsets


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Anybody ever try the ANR kit from $169 for a conversion seems like a little more feasable for me now that I'm a CFI eating bread 3 times a day. I'd hate to screw up my headset though if I decided to send it back (30 day guarantee).

My CFI upgraded his 10-13.4 with the kit. Honestly he's been having trouble with it. Not sure what he's hearing (or not hearing) since its on his head, not mine. Sorry I can't be more specific.
Save your money. I/we put them in 5 headsets, longest time in use was one month. And truthfully, I didn't notice much difference in noise level.

We now use the "true" ANR DCs and I am very satisfied.

If you spend any amount of time per day in a small aircraft they are well worth the money.

Which type to buy ???
I bought a set of DC ENC headsets about tow years ago. THe ANR never worked just right but I couldnt go without my headsets long enough to have them troubleshoot them. I went on vacation a month ago and while I was gone I finally sent them in. Not only did they fix the noise cancellation, they replaced the gel seals, foam pad on top, installed a new microphone and cover, installed all new meatal hardware and replaced the battery pack, all at no cost. I didnt send them a scrap of proof pf purchase and they returned them to me within 5 days. My advise is purchase the ANR now, don't do anything that will void their fantastic warranty.