ANG at 17?


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Hello everyone, a similar question was asked recently, but I though I'd still take a shot.

I am a 17 year old Junior in High School and would like to join the ANG (or CG Reserve, its a very hard descision). I am however, slightly apprehensive. Would my young age put me in lower standing with the older guys in the wing? Would they look down upon a young kid in their unit?

My intentions are to enlist with the 161st ARW and become a boomer, however that job is not yet open.

Any feedback is appreciated!
I went in the reserves at 19 as a loadmaster. Its kinda wierd working with everyone else way older, but they're pretty cool about it. They go out of their way to show you the ropes of every new place you go (sudsy's in thailand, etc.). I didn't feel like i was looked down upon. I'm sure the guard guys are the same.
Hey CRW-

I'm in the 161st and I'm 22. I'm Definetely one of the younger ones! But it's not that big of a deal at all. I love it there. I actually just got back from tech school last month. However you can't become a boomer- even if the job was open. They only hire prior enlisted- usually within the unit. Although don't let that change your mind- there are a ton of cool jobs. Good luck with the search.

Thanks for the reply, I definately won't let that slow me down. My occupation is not the most important area for me, though I just would rather not be a member of the security forces. I've looked at and some of the jobs
(Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Electrical Power Production, Fuels) seems pretty cool.

What is the atmosphere like at the 161st? (Casual, Uptight)

Again, I appreciate the response!
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Before you sign up for a job that sounds cool, be sure to talk to someone who does the exact same job to find out what it's really like. A recruiter can make fleet service sound like the catch of a lifetime
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good point viper. Hey CRW I sent you a PM. I'm in the Hydraulics shop and I absoluetely love it!