AirTran goes to San Fran


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Any guesses where Airtran will place those 100 737s and 10 extra 717s. Another hub or focus city? Build up of BWI or MCO? STL? I think theyll go west!


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Methinks the smart money is out west.

All of the analysts say, "Ya can't make money out west" so all of the CEO's are constantly battling over the east coast market.

Meanwhile, Southwest runs unfettered!


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I know USAir was had a little part of the market when they purchased PSA, but when United started their Shuttle and Southwest increased their presence, they pretty much pushed USAir out of the westcoast market. United still has a big chunk of the LAX/SFO routes, but Southwest got smart, backed out of SFO and concentrated on OAK to provide cheaper fares to the bay area. Now most west coast flying for UAL, AA, and DAL is with the express/connection carriers. Could DAL, CAL, US, compete in the west coast market with Southwest as the dominant operator? Or would they have to still rely on their regional affiliates?