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I was just curious, Everyone is always talking about airlines being their number one goal. And you always hear about pro-pilots saying pick a different career because of the economy, layoffs, away from home time, and the big one PAY.

Is the airlines the only pro-pilot career out their or what?

How many pro-pilot careers can you list to help broaden peoples choices?

1..CFI of course
2..Sales & delivery(Cessna,Raytheon etc..)
3..air ambulance
4..large charter co.
5..cargo large or small
6..test pilot
7..private or corporate companies

Have I left some out??

This is also a question for myself as well. What is out their for a pro-pilot want-to-be? Not looking to get rich, just want to fly for a living and support a family. (wife working also)
There is banner towing, sky diving. There are also the government jobs like forestry, FBI, ATF etc.
There are a ton of non-airline jobs out there.

The hard part is finding them and being "in the right place at the right time" to take them.

Airlines are an easy target to aim for because, let's face it, that's where the majority of the jobs are but the airlines aren't the end-all be all of flying gigs.

Hell just go take a look at or and search for "pilot." After you get through all the clerk positions at "Pilot" gas stations
you'll find actually quite a few listings there. Everything from first officers to Chief Pilot positions.

I even saw a few state-flying jobs that were paying between 50k-80k year (not FS).

Jobs are out there you just have to find 'em and be willing to move to get to 'em.
Hello Aviator,

Here are a few more to choose from:

Border Patrol
National Law Enforcement (CIA...)
Local Law Enforcement (Police, Highway Patrol...)
Aerial Reporter (News Chopper)
Commercial Fishery
Pipe/power line patrol
Movie production
Oil Industry support
Aerial Fire Fighter
Crop Duster
Survey (Fish & Game, USGS)
Enviromental Activist
Air Combat Sim
FAA Airway Systems Testing

Hope this helps,

Everyone is always talking about airlines being their number one goal.

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Not I. I don't have (nor have I ever), any interest in flying for a Part 121 airline. Would I if they offered me something? Of course. But I'm not going out of my way to go that way.