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I need the help of anyone who worked for or currently work for Air Safety Flight Academy. I filed a wage claim with the Labor commission for unpaid wages in November. Management at ASFA replied and said they dispute the claim and that I was paid correctly at $6.90/hr. They also said I was informed that was the wage I would be paid and that they have done nothing wrong. I am replying to the Labor Commission and would like any piece of information that could assist in getting my unpaid wages. I will be including links to Rip Off Report as well as the Channel 5 News segment. If you have anything else that could help or if you would be willing to be contacted concerning the unethical, dishonest, and illegal management practices of ASFA, please let me know and hopefully we can all get the money we earned and have been cheated out of.

[FONT=&quot]A little update for any old Air Safety employees here. I met with someone from the labor department and with two guys from ASFA this morning to resolve my wage claim. Of course, ASFA sent some ponds, Mark Ashton and some new guy, to represent them. They were completely clueless to anything that was going on. Everything went in my favor for the wage claim, including paying me at my original hourly wage, and not the reduced rate. ASFA gave the same old story that they could not afford to pay. The rep from the labor department came up with a payment plan. They have to pay me by certified check, $100 a week for 4 weeks and then $150 a week until the balance is paid. If they miss 1 payment the labor department takes them to court for three times the amount. If they file bankruptcy, we go to bankruptcy court to get paid, where employees should be the first priority to get money out of the bankruptcy.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is better than nothing at all. I encourage everybody who hasn't filed a wage claim to do so. You will win and it is not difficult or time consuming. If anyone is interested in a civil action suit, please let me know. Once again, we would win. It is just not practical for me to do it alone. Also, if anyone has any information that should be reported to the FAA, please do so. Let's get this company shut down. I really think it would be worth our time, and we all know they are killing the industry and creating very unsafe pilots.

Finally, for anyone reading this not associated with Air Safety. I would warn strongly against any involvement with them or those working there. It really is a toxic company, and could potential ruin careers. I have heard ASFA hired new instructors, at $14/hr, and it blew my mind that someone was willing to undercut the industry and put their lives and certificates at risk. Again, I caution strongly to avoid it like the plague, it will not end well.[/FONT]
So is ASFA closed for good? I got my PPL and Instrument there before they went all big Int'l Academy...Kinda glad the money dried up before I could get in any deeper.