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I was just wondering, did anyone on JC hear back from Purdue yet? I got accepted to Aviation Managment back in October, and my friend (Delta77hvy) just got accepted into the pro. pilot program. Im planning on going to Purdue, but he's not 100% sure yet. I really can't wait for college to start!
You'll have a great time here!!

I may be sticking around here -- if I get my CFI. I'm going to be getting neck deep in that next semester (provided I can ever get my commerical... mother nature seems not to want to cooperate this week). I want to get employed by Lafayette Aviation (LafAv).

My friend just became Chief Pilot over there and I hope I'm a "shoo-in" for that job, provided I have the rating.

At any rate, I'll let you know if I'm sticking around. I would really like to.

Tell your friend that he'll be disappointed if he chooses not to come here!
I echo PurduePilot's words! I think you'll have a great time here, as will your friend if he chooses to attend.

I'll be a sophomore next year, so if you have any questions about the first year, particularly regarding the Flight program, feel free to ask as it is fresh in my mind. Also, I've got connections with av managament, so if you have any questions about that, let me know.

Congrats on your (and your friend's) acceptance! Looking forward to seeing next years batch of boilers
Neil- since I am planning on doing my flying on the side at Lafayette Aviation, so if you are a CFI there next year, you may have your first student!
I just wanted to let you Boilermakers (and jc'ers) know that I'm probobly going to be heading here in Aug. I'll be in the pro. pilot major. If you have any questions PM me or if i have any i guess i'll just ask you guys!
Awesome! Congrats again, and you'll have a great time. Feel free to PM or email me at if you have any questions. I'll be a sophomore next year, and should be a CFI as well (fingers crossed).

See ya in the fall

I have to fill out the housing preferences thing online in the next couple of weeks. I have heard that McCurheon and Harrison are the two best dorms to get for aviation students (im aviation managment). is this true? I look forward to meeting the other jc'ers at Purdue this Fall.
I was in McCutcheon my freshman year. I chose that one since it is closest to the airport, relatively speaking. There was a large contigent of aviation students there, but since it's a Big 10 there were other majors living there as well.

For the most part, people in the same majors tend to seek each other out for the first couple of months. I guess that's because that's really all you have in common until you get used to the experience and branch out more.

My best advice for you is don't really choose the dorm based on it's proximity to the airport as you may have only one or two classes at the airport for your first year here. Also, this will force you to make friends outside your major. My best friend and roommate throughout college was someone whose major was CompSci. Go figure.

At any rate, good luck choosing housing! Remember to get that slip in EARlY, EARLY, EARLY. It's first come, first served. You really don't want to get stuck with your last choice.
A lot of us in aviation who lived in Mcutcheon had it arranged to get our cars up here by second semester of freshman year, but had some restricted pass so we could only park on the top of that garage down by the intramural fields....freshman can have cars i think as long as they have a decent excuse as to why.....definatley beats the walk/bike ride down airport road in blowing snow....