Accident(s) in Orlando?


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I just caught the last few seconds of a story on the news about a plane landing in a field "next to a school" in Orlando. On the TV it looked like a new 172SP.

I was curious, so I went to the FAA web site, and the only accident they have listed for Orlando today is a Baron landing gear up at executive. Anybody know anything more? Is this just a case of the news hyping danger "deadly aircraft nearly kills an entire cafeteria full of children", or did both accidents happen. I'm sure there is a school next to executive, since its in an urban area, but nobody but the pilot was in danger if all that happened was a plane landed gear up on the runway! The 172 they showed looked undamaged....
Just saw on a different channel that that emergency landing happened near Ormond Beach, and it was an older looking 172. It did appear undamaged, however.
Why does your profile say you are in Orlando when you are at SFB?

Come on, SFB is no where near Orlando. Makes us laugh that they call it "Orlando-Sanford" LOL

I get a kick out of the ads that say "just 30 minutes from Disney." Ha ha, maybe at 3 in the morning!
A small plane crash landed Friday at Ormond Beach Airport.

It happened in front of Pine Trail Elementary School, WESH NewsChannel 2 reported.

The plane had reported some type of engine trouble, officials said.

The pilot was the only person aboard, and he was not injured, EVAC Ambulance spokesman Mark O'Keefe said.

There was no fire and no other injuries reported in the incident.
Anyone ever notice all the accidents happen around Ormand Beach? Isn't that where that guy put the Piper down on the road a couple of months ago?

JT, you can see SFB from Exec on a clear day. That's close enough.
from the pattern maybe! Or are you talking about from the 3rd floor of the jet center?

It's 14.2 nm north
Pattern. Darn, I gotta do pattern work again for the Wings program. Then again with all the instrument training my landings have gone to hell anyway.
I live in orlando (on the far east side of town), but I fly out of sanford...

$52 an hour for a 152 is hard to beat....

I like to drive
Is that from Falcon Flight? I got a flyer in the mail from them yesterday, and they do have killer rental rates. It might be worth the drive out there, so I was thinking of checking them out.
I pay $38/hr (tach-dry) from for a 4 seat C-172. I can't even take a passenger in a C-152 at my size (6'1 245lbs.)

with 8 gals hour and 2.80/gal fuel it runs about $60 per TACH hour, which as you know is equivalent to 1.3 or 1.4 on hobbs.