Accelerated CFII?


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Any recommendations for an accelerated CFII course (preferably western US)? I've looked into Sheble's, CFI C.A.R.E. and ATPs, any others? I wouldn't mind doing it locally but most local schools don't have much experience training CFIs.
I did CFI C.A.R.E and would highly recommend it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me
I used to work for Double Eagle in Tucson (they do a lot of accelerated CFI training, so a CFII shouldn't be too bad), so if you want details about the operation there, PM me.

I've had a couple of students who had started at Sheble's, and without getting into specifics, they seem to have some significant issues up there, so I'd be very wary of training with them.
Just passed a CFI-I ride, so for what it is worth.... I flew with four different double eyes. The most useful flight was with someone I didn't know, doing a mock-ride. Helped to get me in that mindset.

The other flights told me what I already knew - I'm already a CFI, so they didn't have much to add.

You already know what to study for the oral. Do that. Especially AC's about GPS/RNAV

The flying is pretty simple, do an instrument ride from the right seat. Preferably while looking like you know what you are doing.

Knowing the particulars and nuances of the GPS you are using goes a long way. I would know the thing inside out.
My II cost me a grand total of $800 including the checkride and the written (though, one of the CFI's I work with flew with me once and signed me off without charging me for the instruction). If you're reasonably instrument proficient and have been actively instructing, you shouldn't need to drop a few thousand on an accelerated course, but if you need some polishing, it may be worth doing (Shebles is pretty good at what they do imo).