1st ever....JC Baby...on his way!!

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Congrats to Pam (notcoolenufftofly) & Oliver(Skidz)... hope all goes well with delivery of JC's youngest member!!

The two met on JC and so this is the "official" JC newbie...

Have a fabulous "birth" day! Love of love to the 3 of you!!!!! :nana2::nana2::nana2:
thanx for the support ya'll...we'll give you an update soon, right now it's still a waiting game
Congrats Pam and Oliver! I had no idea the both of you met on JC. Thats awesome. :D
May the baby be healthy & for goodness sake, not look like the DADDY!!!:nana2:
Congrats to Pam and Oliver, OMG Kristie, when I read the title and saw you as the starter, I thought there was a Dougstie on the the way!:D
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