135 Initial passed!


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Wow, what a year!!! after 10 years out, last year I decided to make an attempt to come back, last May I passed my CFI initial and started working in a school at TMB, now 3 month later I was offered an opportunity to fly a Caravan at OPF and passed a very though 135 Initial. They told me it was going to be easier than the CFI but far from that it was a incredible long and tough checkride, at least to me that I had more than 10 years without shooting an approach or making an IFR flight. 3.5 hs oral (according to the ASI he shooted approx 200 questions, next day 2.8 hs of flight, VFR maneuvers, partial panel, emergencies, and after that, ILS w/MAP, ILS w/AP to full stop, LOC w/ circling, landing w/o flaps, short field t/o and lng, and then flight VFR back to base. It's being a long and very demanding year so far, I'm exhausted to dead, but I'm happy and I want to share it with all you guys here, next stop ATP. cheers!!!


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Congrats! The 135 ride is definitely no joke... I did mine in a Chieftain with the FAA POI for that company (also in south FL), and it was every bit as tough as any checkride I've had prior to and since.