1.9hr - so far - in the Champ


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Well I flew the Champ Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Saturday: CFI did takeoff and landings but we headed out to the Northeast practice area and did slow flight, a stall, turns, and then we dropped to about 300' AGL and traced the Rio Verde river North then South. What a blast! That's flying!

Sunday: I did takeoff - no problems - into pattern work. Did two low approaches then about nine landings. No bouncers, two greasers, the rest were kinda hard but down the centerline for the most part. There was a very small cross wind - if any at all, actually - so it made things easier. The cool thing was because the tower wants a tight pattern in the Champ I got to actually use slips to get down off downwind and base - what with no flaps and all.

This thing is just a stick, rudder and a throttle. I love flying it. It's just pure stick and rudder flying - what it should be!

If I had an extra 20k or so I'd go find a little Champ or Luscombe and use it to teach out of when I get my CFI-ASEL.

I just love flying this thing!

Oh, but when we get together next it'll be a few more three point landings then into Wheel Landings. I'm really looking forward to those!
It's a "course" so essentially a 10 hour block of time. Total bill was just shy of $800 I believe. But that's everything including taxes and "club dues." The advantage to the "club dues" is it includes renter's insurance and it's pro-rated so instead of the $60 for the year it was $30.

Once I get the endorsement, and the check out, the wet rate is: block: $48/hr, non-block: $52/hr.