Wow, they had terrorist learning to fly at Pan Am!?


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here's an article I clipped

I would like to fly in a professional like manners one of the big airliners. I have to made my mind which of the followwing: Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777 and or Airbus A300 (it will depend on the cost and which one is easiest to learn).
The level I would like to achieve is to be able to takeoff and land, to handle communication with ATC, to be able to successfully navigate from A to B (JFK to Heathrow for example).
In a sense to be able to pilot one of these Big Bird, even if I am not a real professional pilot.

— Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker, in a 2001 letter written to the Pan Am International flight academy. They guessed him to be a rich playboy, but when when they started training him they called the FBI. Reported (with his exact misspellings) by The New York Times, 8 February 2002.
This really pisses me off. No, PanAm did not train terrorists. The key statements are: "20th hijacker" (ie. was not flying a plane on 9/11 because he was in custody); and "when they started training him they called the FBI" - PanAm was the only training facility to turn in a terrorist.

This was not at an ab initio PanAm campus, it was one of the simulator branches, I believe it was in the commercial airline division in Minnesota.

Maybe PanAm should not have accepted him to train in the first place. Thinking back to pre-9/11, there was no reason to suspect that anybody in airline training had ulterior motives, but someone trusted his gut feeling and called the FBI.
when i first recieved my book package it came in a large white cardboard file box and it had my name on it in marker....but right above my name was a crossed out name "Mohamad Benkaduar"

they said he wasn't able to come because of some crap with 9-11, and tighter foreign requirments or something. i'm sure it was inoccent but it seemed a little funny when i first saw it
So what’s your point? One of the instructors was suspicious and alerted the FBI, preventing the guy from hijacking an airplane. What else would you want them to do, reject all Arab students?
kinda interesting story though don't you matter what training facility was involved

i'd actually like them to reject any person who made a request like that.
Don't be fooled, the terrorists at Pan Am are the management staff of the Fort Pierce Campus. Their style of dictatorship is second only to the Talliban.
Doug have you thought about incorporating JC, therefore if anything happends to JC you are not responsible as JC is it's own private entity! I would cost you a couple $100 however it is something to think about!

Alternatively you could close down the flight training forums then you will be safe!
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Alternatively you could close down the flight training forums then you will be safe!

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Already in the process! I'm forming a domestic LLC here in Arizona.
You mean you want to share in the massive tax write off from operating in the red?

Actually, it's almost breaking even thanks to and donations via paypal
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